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Digivinco is a pioneering digital marketing consultancy that focuses on generating leads & building long term relationships.

Future of paid search and the death of traditional PPC

When Google introduced the Pay per Click Ads back in early 2000s, it was a revolutionary concept as it displayed relevant advertisements to users searching for a specific item. It was also cheaper and a viable option to the advertisers as they had to pay only when the ad was clicked and also they were wary of investing in something

Top Social Media campaigns of 2016

Lowes – FixinSix The marketing team at Lowes successfully used time-limited videos to come up with interesting home improvement videos in just 6 seconds. It was a fun and clever method of engaging the public through Claymation. Esurance Giveaway Esurance had the biggest impact of advertisement during Super Bowl season this year. They did it with a contest which had

Up and coming social media trends to look out for

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are releasing new fads every week and also improving upon old ones, taking the world by storm. Here are a few social media trends that are all the rage these days. Live Video Streaming Live video has replaced regular video as the hip new thing on the horizon. With streaming applications

How online marketing has changed the marketing landscape

The approach to online marketing has had a landslide shift in the recent years as previously; it just included several activities which when executed properly, gained sufficient website traffic that usually converted to sales. Business companies used invest some amount on online pay-per –click ads and also on SEO. Few backlinks and some attractive ads, and lo and behold, improved

Why Web Analytics is important for your business?

A strong online presence can be a good stepping stone for business growth and increased exposure. But what good is a fancy website with a lot of online activity without a solid and effective online strategy? This is where web analytics come in. But before we go further, let’s see what web analytics actually is. What is Web Analytics? Simply

How seo has changed over the years

Few channels have changed as much as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in the recent years. Previously, SEO was mostly about stuffing content with keywords even when unnecessary, opting for paid spam backlinks to increase relevance and until your page ranked well. Now, Google has come up with updates which weeded out all that. With the rise of mobile devices and

Top 10 Digital Marketing ad campaigns

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge When 3 men diagnosed with degenerative ALS illness started a small social media push to spread awareness about the disease, they had no idea it would be a global viral sensation. From President Obama to Justin Bieber and Mark Zuckerberg, huge names from almost all industries, from high profile politicians to Hollywood mega stars, took part

Why content marketing is Important for Your Business?

Most businesses understand the importance of content marketing. They are fully aware of the fact that providing great content will increase their sales. But more often than not, there is something missing fundamentally that holds them back from executing it as effectively as they could, which is that they only have a general idea of its working and not the

The changing trends of Digital Marketing

The digital age has altered how people advertise their business. It has changed the marketing landscape and made it into a level playing field. Now, even smaller businesses that don’t have a bottomless marketing budget can make themselves heard through digital marketing. It has also forced the businesses to tailor their strategies to focus on their target audience instead of



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