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We make sure that you not only stand for your brand but stand apart

We are differentiators that drive user engagement

Most companies follow an identical branding pattern and formula. They tend to offer already familiar services to similar kind of audience. Buyers face a hard time identifying them apart. At Digivinco, we crack this nut wide open. With the help of our industry-leading research and trusted process we have been following for years, we are determined to deliver distinctive and exclusive professional branding services that enable companies to sound and look like leaders positioning them towards growth.

We aim to offer holistic branding solutions especially in the areas related to brand management. The branding services we provide are explicitly designed to engulf the complete spectrum of professional branding from designing identities to consulting and creating engaging brand stories to developing strategies. With a communal team of like-minded branding experts combined with the result-driven collaborative approach, Digivinco continues to deliver value to its clients.

Our Branding Process

The process starts with the industry’s highly revealing research

One needs to have a clear-eyed comprehension of the marketplace to develop the differentiated and engaging brand. That is the reason why we take time to gather information from four significant resources:


Company Research

Initially, we communicate extensively with the management team of a company as well as other related personnel to better understand how the company perceives its core strengths, value propositions, and weaknesses. We also review the company’s appropriate marketing materials and its official website to scrutinize how they describe their services and the firm.


Consumer Research

We engage into one-to-one conversation with a sample of past as well as current clients to achieve a critical and vital outsider’s perspective about your company and the brand. Our professional team communicating with the clients is trained to fetch and probe for accurate insights. As a neutral third party, we can conveniently extract straight-shooting and candid feedback from the clients that will never review the company directly.

Competitor Research

After gaining detailed consumer insights with the help of consumer research, we review your major competitors to detect noticeable brand identity messaging and positioning features. Our design, editorial, and strategy teams use these details to detect and later, implement valid points of differentiation thus making your brand stand out.


Proprietary Industry Research

Our high growth research gathers data and information about companies across the professional product and service domains. We segregate this information based on various industries and use our research findings to assist our clients in positioning themselves against their key rivals and make responsible branding decisions.

Our Approach

We develop a company’s brand in three key phases

Phase 1

Setting your brand strategy

This phase helps the company to know what it is standing for and can see a clear picture forward. Behind every successful brand is a thoughtful brand strategy. After having a detailed understanding of your firm, we create a hook that sticks in the buyer’s mind positioning the brand higher against its major competitors.

Phase 2

Establishing a cohesive brand identity

We develop a visual brand that has a critical impression in the competitive marketplace. While designing your brand identity, we take into consideration your brand architecture, positioning, and opportunities in the market that can set your company apart. Post that, we handle your new brand style, stationery, logo, and tagline guidelines.

Phase 3

Building the brand structuring tools

We ensure that you are well-equipped for the future brand development journey. We design and develop sophisticated branding tools and structures that will help you to fast track the brand strategy. This phase includes every aspect of a high performing, well-designed website to offline and online collaterals that you require to showcase your competitive advantage.

Our Services

Brand Strategy

Having a brand strategy is vital as it acts as a foundation for developing a strong brand. The strategy is internal and acts within the organization. It starts with addressing certain essentials such as building the brand positioning plan, experience, differentiation, and purpose. The Branding Strategy later leads to the development of a well-designed brand communication strategy-which is the external voice and face of the brand. Building a sophisticated brand strategy involves process, rigor, and evaluation. It is the capability to mainly focus on some essentials to get the brand matrix in place. The process includes

• Branding plan
• Brand positioning
• Brand repositioning
• Brand Architecture

Brand Design

Generating a design that effectively expresses a brand powerfully and compellingly is extremely vital to boost the corporate identity. The brand identity and design is a highly visible symbol that represents the actual value of the brand. A good design can make your brand competitive, more differentiated, and extremely visible. We at Digivinco bring alive the strategy and modify the desired imagery to boost your brand’s market presence. The process includes

• Brand Identity Design
• Packaging Graphics
• Print Design

Digital Service

Consumers usually look for exciting and engaging brand stories, and they opt for digital searches over any other kind of offline search. Digivinco understands this requirement of the brands to surpass their consumer’s expectations. Therefore, our constant endeavor is to develop user-engaging and innovative branding solutions for all our clients working on digital platforms. This process includes

• Brand content and advertising
• UI and Website design
• Advertising Application development

Corporate Branding

Corporate branding needs to be an essentially nascent practice. We infuse brand culture in corporate industries to help them enhance their brand reputation internally as well as externally. This helps them to convert into an established and well-known brand in their business sphere. This process includes

• Branding guidelines
• Corporate brand strategy
• Brand vision, mission, and values

Internal Branding

In an extremely competitive world full of “me too” kind of products and services to be offered, awell-managed and internally aligned brand tends to produce outcomes that are more effective than the competition. The perceived value of a name or an organization to be highly consumer-centric is a vital differentiator that is hard to ignore. Hence, each employee, each interaction, and every touch point becomes very critical. Thus, we work towards enhancing the internal branding at every step of the business hierarchy. This process includes two levels

• Strategic level
• Tactical level

Brand Management and Activation

The entire custodianship of any brand should mandatory to go smoothly beyond the marketing department. It is essential that the brand stay properly aligned across all the major stakeholders who manage and help in building the brand.

Our performance reflects our thinking and approach towards branding. We aim to produce work that is not only relevant but also works well with the client so that branding meets the required business objective.

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