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How online marketing has changed the marketing landscape

The approach to online marketing has had a landslide shift in the recent years as previously; it just included several activities which when executed properly, gained sufficient website traffic that usually converted to sales. Business companies used invest some amount on online pay-per –click ads and also on SEO. Few backlinks and some attractive ads, and lo and behold, improved rankings and customers streaming in. But now, it’s nowhere near that. So many things have changed that it’s hard to tell what needs to be done and what needs to be left alone. Recent surveys have shown an astonishing 84% of businesses don’t have a formal content supply or online marketing plan for the increasing bevy of marketing channels. Considering the potential of digital marketing, this is a huge waste of resources as digital marketing provides at least a 15 -20% increase in marketing impact and can be utilized effectively even without a bottomless marketing budget.

Traditional marketing is dead

TV, print and radio advertisement are facing a slow but inevitable death. Why? Because more and more people are moving online. Why should they watch TV when they can stream the same online without any ads? Customer engagement and content marketing is the new name of the game. Brands interacting with their user base through multiple channels and influencing their decisions through personalized and fun campaigns which involve their active participation is what people are looking for now. Also, it a positive trend as online marketing tends to be better targeted. You only have to pay to reach people who actually have an interest in what you have to say.

Understand your customer

Businesses need to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and look at the products and services they access in their personal time. This brings out the glaring shortcomings of your online strategy and also gives deep insight about customer behavior, helping in developing targeted and relevant experiences that are optimized to their needs. Sophisticated analysis tools track customer across channels and generate a detailed map of their decision journey, highlighting key points where the brand can influence. Driving customer engagement through social media and processing volumes of data to digestible forms to influence important decisions is what keeps businesses at the front of the game.

Respect their opinions

Unlike the olden days, the customer has multiple options from all around world, for a singular product. It’s far easier for them to move on to a competitor and explore alternatives than ever before. Therefore, the businesses needs to ensure that there aren’t any obstacles between the gateway of the site and the ultimate transaction. Unnecessary friction post lead acquisition will only discourage the customer and increase bounce rate.

A level playing field

Digital marketing has changed the entire landscape of marketing. It no longer big budget tactics to hit your target audience and hence, even small businesses have a chance of competing against the big players. But focusing the budget on key areas which work is difficult since there are so many different directions of online marketing each having their own plus and minuses. Recognizing the areas where the customer feels like his or her opinion matter helps build brand loyalty tremendously. Instead of pumping money into impersonal ad like campaigns, investing wisely in customer interaction and engagement campaigns is what will reach a larger audience. This is very new and innovative methods which only recently have businesses been able to hone.

Mobile Devices

Smartphones and mobile devices are revolutionizing the way in which people access the web. With high speed internet and high processing power, mobile devices are able to give the user, almost the same user experience they get from a desktop. Also, in 2015, mobile traffic officially surpassed the desktop traffic. All this means that adapting online marketing for the mobile users is of the greatest importance. Businesses who pander to this demographic by mobile optimizing their website which help people access their services on the go, stand to grow immensely. When your customer has a question in during his morning commute, it might be your blog which gives him the answer, or when he accesses his email before going to bed, it might be your newsletter that catches his eye.

Social Media

Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertisement, better than any big budget ad can ever come up with. The emergence of social media platforms gives way for businesses to interact directly with users and create a loyal brand following who’ll spread the word effectively. It also breaks down geographic boundaries as it introduced your brand to people all around the world. So, social media marketing is not something to be ignored. Brands which identify their target audience on social media and engage those using contests, sharable content and media stand to gain the maximum out of their marketing efforts and lead to conversions ratio.


Strategies like captivating and sharable content, online audio visual media and customer engagement through fun interactive contests and games is the new face of marketing. Although coming up with an efficient working strategy that has actual impact on business ROI is difficult, businesses that have got it figured out stand a good chance of leaving their competition way behind.



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