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Inbound Marketing

Bet your budget on a strategy which works 10x better than any other

Print, radio, television, direct mail, telephone and all other forms of traditional marketing are dead. In the age of internet and dynamic designer websites, quantifiable lead generation through customer engagement is what delivers.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Instead of interrupting everyday life and using advertisements to get in front of as many people as much as possible, inbound marketing works by pulling customers when they are actively searching for the services you provide.

It’s about getting the right kind of people to notice you and helping them make educated and informed purchasing decisions. In other words, it’s not about pushing your products on people, but making it easier to find, for those who are looking for it. It provides an effective means to generate relevant leads and is a strategy which has been proven to be successful for countless companies in almost every industry.

We at DigiVinco ensure that the cohesive elements of our comprehensive marketing strategy are aligned to your customer’s interests and your company’s goals. Each individual tactic is part of a greater whole and act synchronously in your marketing machinery.

Digital Strategy Development

Like a GPS system, we understand where you want to go and take you down the right path. Together, we analyze your business context, overall marketing strategy, website statistics and competitors. This helps us lay down a detailed customer acquisition plan that is in line with your goals and within your budget.

Foundation Building

Promotional messages and unsolicited advertisements are just noise which is tuned out. The modern buyer attention is focused on gaining information that helps them make informed decisions. Developing contextually relevant content for the website, blogs, emails and various social media platforms, plays a great role in building a strong foundation and converting visitors.

Analyze and Iterate

Performance of online marketing assets is closely monitored using in-depth analysis of metrics such as

  • Website Traffic
  • Blog Click Through
  • Landing Page Conversion
  • Call To Action statistics

With consistent tracking of elements which work, we help you tweak and optimize your strategy which will generate relevant leads and magnify your business through enhanced ROI.

Let us help you know more about our approach.

Where Inbound Marketing is built

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