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Mobile App Marketing

Captivate new mobile users and grow your business with customized media ads..

At DigiVinco, we keep ourselves at the forefront of new technology and design trends which is crucial in the constantly evolving mobile app marketing ecosystem. We know how to use for the right marketing strategy for the right kind of app. Cutting edge technology combined with best in class marketing plans, help us deliver solutions that make your app stand out from the crowd. Our team of professionals has extensive expertise in full cycle development and marketing and we will help you create customized multi-channel app marketing campaigns that are designed for maximum engagement and targeted exclusively at your user base.

App audit

Through a thorough market validation process combined with in-depth analysis of the competitive landscape, we develop unique mobile app marketing strategies tailored for your brand. We understand your customer’s requirements and what works best for which vertical. So we help you create a comprehensive marketing roadmap that is in line with your campaign goals, which will drive maximum engagement and turn your mobile app into a success story.

Pre – launch Hype

Depending on your goals and the type of your business product, we create customized teaser campaigns that inform potential customers about your business and your mobile app in a way which generates curiosity and garners attention towards your brand. We develop a product community and by constantly introducing fresh and relevant content, we manage to pique user interest and gain traction for your product. We also help you respond on time, to user queries and feedback and maximize customer retention through effective monitoring.

Strategic Launch

After a thorough A/B testing process in-depth diagnosis of each and every functionality, in the mobile app, we develop a strategically timed release plan which is designed to capture the attention of maximum users. With viral marketing campaigns via mobile, web, videos podcasts etc. we ensure that your product features in high profile media outlets and your brand recognition spreads far and wide.

App Store Optimization

Mobile users from around globe, check for new useful apps to download every day and with over 3 million apps to download, app store optimization has become more critical than ever, to help your app stand out from the rest. We identify users based on their behavior and formulate a unique and successful mobile advertising campaign that drives downloads and keeps users hooked for more. We also help you analyze user feedback and issue updates and modification when required.

Upselling & User Management

Maintaining communication with the active user base ensures app popularity. By developing user retention strategies such as contests and giveaways, combined with frequent and timely interactions with the user base, we help you promote you brand value and engage quality customers for long lasting repeat business.

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