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Delivering mobility solutions to solve real-world issues

One-stop solution for multi-platform projects

A versatile experience of mobile and web-based technology projects enable Digivinco to take a holistic approach towards the application landscapes of our customers. We undertake significant projects employing embedded, web, cloud, and mobile technologies, helping many businesses benefit from an intense focus on streamlined and integrated technology ecosystem set-up. With the recent arrival of multiple smartphone devices and numerous platforms, it seems there has been a drastic shift from native apps to advanced mobile web application development. The requirement is clear – mobile web applications are considerably cheaper to develop, do not need an approval process over the app store, and work across multiple digital platforms.

This also means that you do not have to recompense Apple 30% of the returns for a native app on the iOS platform. However, the transaction is the actual distribution of the app, user experience and offline use, which is crucial to the success of your application. Well, do not worry as Digivinco Software helps you overcome this hurdle by developing an advanced mobile web app. Our selected team of mobile experts has extensive experience in using various web technologies for enabling your wide mobile web presence through different web apps. We will ensure that your web apps are as close to the actual native experience as possible using CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5 and a range of other advanced web technologies.

Whether you are a service that efficiently displays data from the cloud or an established enterprise trying to develop your mobile app store, we will make sure that you are efficacious with a mobile web app, which excellently matches user’s need.

Digivinco offers a wide array of out-of-the-box personalized mobile applications, as well as some options for leveraging the excellent application development platform. Hiring our battle-tested team can help you save you money, resources, and time. We have already built the work process, figured out the talent, and can scale an efficient team to meet any project size. Moreover, if you already have some internal folks – that is amazing. We play well with others.

We have extensive experience in creating feature-packed, digitally transformative, and high performing native mobile applications for all the major mobile platforms including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS, Android, and iOS.

We can also build cross-platform mobile applications that work on any platform and device. Organizations and companies choosing Digivinco for their tailored mobile application development needs can rest assured that their final deliverable, no matter the kind of technology its built on, shall be sustainable, scalable, and secure in whatever environment its hosted.

Our Approach

Leveraging industry’s leading Digital Experience Managing platforms, Digivinco lets you quickly build cross-platform applications (Windows, Android, iOS) complying with several industry standard frameworks and integrating with multiple databases and backends conveniently.So, if you are developing your ‘very first mobile app’ OR revolutionizing your existing apps with functionalities and features that help you drive adoption – Digivinco is the partner, you can rely on for your mobile app projects.

Our approach consists of…








Why Digivinco?

Disperse targeted messages and stay on top of all conversations about your industry and business through personalized social media a campaign that expand your customer base and builds your brand in the user’s minds.

Faster time to market

With out-of-the-box apps and outstanding pre-built app assets, enterprises can easily market themselves at a faster pace.

Power to business

Digivinco’s platform offers various interfaces to integrate the applications with multiple backends, line of business. This helps IT to easily create, amend and handle apps with ease!

Uniform feel & look

We pledge to maintain the similar design and feel of the application on multiple platforms if there happens to be a single coding on all of them. For this, we have an experienced team of mobile application developers with varying levels of expertise.

Marketing turns simple

We create mobile apps for you to promote your message more simply. This is extremely easy with the help of an application as you do not have to create a niche message to target a specific type of audience. You can do it easily with a generalized message within a tailored app made by Digivinco.

Lower cost of maintenance

With single code base for all the devices and platforms and ‘Low or No Code’ approach, enterprises can effectively manage changes (With reduced release cycles), and incur relatively lesser cost on maintenance.

Wider reach

Certainly, the more (OS) platforms are covered, the more accessible the app will be for people. Hence, we not only offer mobile app development services for different platforms, but we also cover cross-platform requirements of our clients.

Custom apps

There are customers, who wish to get personalized mobile apps to strengthen their business. Our mobile app developers are extremely efficient in this task as they understand your custom requirements to develop apps that satisfy the customer needs most effectively.

How a Successful Mobile App Development Project Works

Graphic designing services

Selecting the right approach towards mobile app development is a vital success factor that can make or break your project. Digivinco’s mobile app developers typically follow a low-risk, agile mobile development methodology that has an evident success record and ensures rapid results and guaranteed visibility.
From a client’s viewpoint, the top five advantages of our method include:

Rapid results

In today’s quick, highly competitive commercial world, dropping time to market is often dominant to one-up the competition. Our development system emphasizes on rapid prototyping and incremental software development, which means you will achieve working outcomes faster.

100% transparency

As our client, you are always fully updated and in control on the current project status, and your response is essential for the continuous enhancement of the mobile solutions. To ensure that all parties stay on the same page, mobile app developers at Digivinco utilize email updates, conference/Skype calls, onsite visits, and daily status reports if necessary.

Better quality

Our process entirely relies on continuous testing processes, which means all software bugs are exposed and fixed early on. We ensure the quality in every stage of the development lifecycle, and every release we do methodically test, and client feedback is prudently collected to augment the next version.

More business values

Our experienced mobile application developers use a feature-centric procedure, with prominent business-critical features developed first. Moreover, requests for change are handled effectively and quickly, thus ensuring the final product meets the requirements of the stakeholder.

Solid guarantee

To make every project as risk-free as possible, we add warranty clauses into every contract that we sign. This assures you that your mobile app will be delivered to you within the budget and time constraints specified in the contract, and provides for a 6-month warranty period to ensure elimination any defects that we discovered after completion of the project.

We provide mobile application development services for many different platforms

Iphone App Development

Renders high-end and niche iPhone application for various domains that systematize and automate the business and ensure top-notch services to the end-users.

Android App Development

Offers a wide array of Android well-suited mobile applications that excellently streamline lifestyle and increase the business productively.

Ipad Application Development

Delivers iPad application that feature superb functionality and can streamline the business workflow to ensure better experience.

Blackberry App Development

Builds enterprise-class mobile applications that run flawlessly on all the BlackBerry platforms to guarantee exceptional experience to the users.

Windows App Development

Code Window applications to handle the high-grade services in each domain, like retail, education, healthcare, and many others.

Tablet Application Development

Features expertise in constructing purely tablet-centric applications that can make any business services easily accessible to the tablet users.

Custom Mobile App Development

Modifying mobile application so that it can conveniently feature every aspect of the business and help the business owners to launch a modified brand image.

Mobile App Development Support

Supports businesses to maintain and administer the mobile application with due assistance from expert technical support staff, which is present 24/7.

How we serve our valued clients with prevalent mobile application development!

We are not limited to only developing a single type of application as we build mobile apps for several mobile operating systems. Our professionals are talented enough to offer apps for lifestyle, entertainment, business, and much more.

Our primary aim is to deliver excellent Smartphone apps to our clients that can truly drive in higher competence for their businesses and yield brand awareness of their products and services.

Whether you aspire for native or hybrid mobile apps, we equip your business with the most comprehensible applications.


Are you looking for an Android, native iOS, Windows, or custom app? Do you prefer a cross-platform highly-responsive web app? Are you in need of a secure backend?
If you need it, we can develop it. Where others struggle, we thrive.

Our Developments include:

  1. IOS development

    From Apple Watch to iPad to iPhone- we have developed a boatload of iOS apps. A mighty, huge boat. Digivinco made its mark by developing several iOS apps. We have attained success in almost every class for just about every industry.

  2. Android development

    Android apps reside in an extremely fragmented multi-device world. The API rules are not strict. We ensure the quality by repeated testing. You do not have to worry; we can handle it.

  3. Responsive web

    If your website or web apps are not responsive, you may be doing something wrong. We create a self-motivated viewing experience for cool navigation and reading. We have been making our web apps and websites adaptive and responsive for years now. That is a vital part of our design-first, mobile-first mantra. We build highly optimized, fast-loading experiences that can efficiently work across a wide array of devices.

  4. The internet of things

    The Internet is connecting and transforming to almost everything in the world. Everything can easily plug into the digital sphere. Mobile apps will be playing a huge role in making them work in line. Digivinco can help in bringing your IOT experience to life. We analyze new data, build new interfaces, and create a new future – together with you!

  5. Wearables

    Next generation wearable solutions in retail, security, health and more are arriving soon. If it is a wearable technology — it needs to be mobile. That means it requires apps to operate the power of watches, fit bands, smart glasses and several yet-to-be-made devices for users.

  6. Augmented reality

    We use tried and tested technologies in GPS data, object recognition, and audio, video streaming, and we also endlessly monitor advancements in smart devices to provide compelling mobile apps overlaying accurate digital information and enhanced interactivity over real-world scenes.

  7. Cloud-driven backend

    Digivinco offers extensive expertise in structuring cloud-based mobile backend solutions accessible in real-time from several devices, as well as analyzing, processing, and storing the data received, including the ones generated by IoT sensors.

  8. Our extensive backend integrations have your back

    We offer you the capabilities you require to reach the market faster and promote yourself sooner, not to forget, you get the flexibility and freedom you expect. We can manage your GPS, mobile payments, security, storage, push notifications, consumer integration, CRM integration, enterprise, and much more. If you need integration with social networks, cloud storage, seamless connections with APIs, or better user management- we have been there, done that, and are eager to do it again for you.

with us, you get

Competitive & Project Quotes

Looking for quotes for your upcoming mobile app development project? Get a reasonable quote from us! We offer competitive rates with experienced mobile app developers.

Communicative, Collaborative, Transparent

You get cohesive project visibility from the first day itself, we work with you, and for you. We communicate and engage with you through Google Hangout, Skype, chat, phone, and email for constant and clear communication.

Trusted, Rapid and Proven Delivery

We use the agile methodology and always keep you in the loop. As a result, you get cost-effective projects and smooth delivery specifically designed to match your timeline, budget, and goals.

Customer Satisfaction is our top Priority

We offer a consistent delivery team, dedicated project manager, and an account manager to your assistance and satisfaction. We survey all our clients, the results of which we thoroughly analyze for improve the performance in the future.

Qualified Mobile App Developers

Our mobile app developers are known for creating solutions that work impeccably across all operating systems and platforms: Windows, BlackBerry OS, Android, running iOS, tablet, laptop, or smartphone.

Industries We Work With

  • Accountants mobile application

  • Airline mobile application

  • Automotive mobile application

  • Business mobile application

  • Clothing mobile application

  • Construction mobile application

  • Contractor mobile application

  • Doctor’s mobile application

  • Education mobile application

  • Electronics mobile application

  • Finance mobile application

  • Gas & oil mobile application

  • Hotel mobile application

  • Insurance mobile application

  • Investment mobile application

  • Law firm mobile application

  • Manufacturing mobile application

  • Non-profit mobile application

  • Organization mobile application

  • Professional mobile application

  • Real estate mobile application

  • Restaurant mobile application

  • Retail mobile application

  • Sales mobile application

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