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Best SEM practices that we follow

Targeting Specific Customers

At Digivinco, our SEM team analyzesyour business strategyand business goals like Brand Visibility, Lead Generation, e-Commerce sales and web traffic to create result driven ad campaigns. We produce tailored marketing strategies to help you reach the specific audience who is looking for your products or service keeping in mind audience demographics and their needs and interests. Our Wining Strategy converts each click or impression in to a lead.

Key word Research

With our SEM services, your keywords meet Audience Search Queries, and you meet your targeted ROI

Our key word research tactics and right selection of keywords ensures you successfully reach the targeted audience and search queries thus helping your products and services to be found. The keywords we use are aligned with your business goals. Below are some SEM factors we consider while offering you the services.

  • Broad match type and Long tail keywords that help you to reach primary volume thus acting as value drivers.

  • We find new targeting opportunities.

  • Ensuring higher Ad rank helps us maximize the presence of your keyword.

  • We extend your reach through Google Search Partners Network to boost the impressions of your existing keywords.

  • Our SEM tactics enable you to get rid of negative keywords and avoid clicks on irrelevant search results to save money

Best Advertising Platform..

Is that your Customers looking for the answer for their problem on Google?
Reach them with your Ad on Google SERP.

With thorough evaluation and years of experience, we pick the best channels to reach your targeted audience at the right time. Our advertising platforms include

  • Google AdWords

  • Bing ads

  • Facebook ads

  • Twitter ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • YouTube advertising

  • Google’s Content Delivery Network

  • Mobile advertising

  • Private deals with niche blogs or websites

  • Email Advertising

Creative Advertising

Attract your potential customers with creative advertising.

Creativity runs in our DNA, and hence we make sure our clients stand out when it comes to creative advertising. With our creative minds at work, we develop advertisements and content that offers the following.

Clear Message:

Creating Ad to reaching specific audiences is challenging. Penetrating customer or Visitor mind with clear message in the text or Display ad brings you the success you have been awaiting.

Quality Score:

While creating Text or Display ads we keep in the mind not only creativity but also ad policy and Quality score. The higher the Quality Score, the lesser expensive your ad campaigns are. This also gives you higher chances to rank higher in the search results.

Add extension:

Enhancing your ad with right extension is very important to get audience to proceed further towards the engaging into the buying process.

Display Adds:

We Create display ads that are mobile responsive, relevant and compelling, more visually focused and minimal text over lay, and high performing HTML 5 image ads. We test and optimize all the advertisements before launching.

Ad Campaign setting

Worried about Ad Campaign Settings? Don’t worry! You are in good hands.

There’s what we do to handle your ad campaign settings.

  • Defining a formula that measures and optimizesyour advertisement for maximum profit.

  • Running a broad-scale manual bid test to find a profitable biding opportunity.

  • Analyzing the result and calculating your ROI

  • Using automation to adjust your bids.

  • Executing accurate conversation tracking

  • Optimizing Analytics Tools to measure the ad performance

Re-engage Customers

Trusting us with Customer Engagement can never go wrong.

As our experienced SEM professionals buckle up to perform their task, your past customers and visitors are sure to get inclined towards conversion. We generate a list of customers and visitors and then categories them for remarketing. This in turn maximizes engagement and conversion rate thus strengthening audience-based advertisement campaigns with smart biding strategy and dynamic search ads.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We developviewer’s interest in your company via special offers, content, and responses to posted questions or comments. This helps in build digital relationships that converts casual connections into customers, and later turns customers into fans

Enhanced Technology

With exclusivetechnology and tools used by our experienced search engine marketing experts, we modify and scale our solutions, providing a competitive edge to all your online campaigns, no matter how big or small your companyis.

Mobile App Engagement

We engage your prospective leads via mobile application engagement by promoting your mobile app – drive downloads at affordable cost using Facebook Ads, AdWords and other dedicated mobile ad networks.

Shopping Campaign – Product Listing Ads

we use Google’s feature called Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to ensure better online sales. By executing multi-channel online campaigns with funnel optimization, you are sure to drive profitable results with time.

This is how we make sure you get higher Conversion, ROI and CTRwhen you trust us with your SEM spends

  • Analysis/Research on your target and business markets.

  • Analysis of your Competitive Advantagesand USPs.

  • Studying the preferences and behavior of your target audience

  • In-depth analysis of your Previous Campaign, if any.

  • Campaign Setup and Keyword Analysis.

  • Managing and setting your preferred Ad Extensions.

  • Landing Page Analysis.

  • Optimizing Bidding, Quality Score, CTR, and CPC.

  • Call to Action Setup.

  • A/B testing.

  • Analyzing the requirement of micro ad groups.

  • Manual/AutomatedSales and Reporting.

  • Remarketing Setup and Installation.

Benefits of our SEM Services

  • Connectpotential clients to your business

  • Improve quantifiable results of your website’s promotional campaigns

  • Drive targeted online traffic to your site 24/7

  • Reasonable cost per customer acquisition

  • High visibility and ranking on search engines.

  • Reach out to your audience worldwide

  • Ideal business leverage

  • Acquire new customers and build your brand awareness

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Our SEM Approach

Campaign Audit and Competitive Analysis

We conduct a meticulous audit on your website traffic and its conversion rate. Out PPC experts dig out the campaign information from the competitor’s advertising campaigns and research their keywords. We then create top search patterns that turn into best performing advertisements that attract relevant traffic.

Behavior Analysis and Ad Testing.

By gathering brief insights, we analyze user’s search habits. We refine the cohesive list of keywords and create a plan based on user behavior. This helps us to try various ideas, tones, colors, styles, and developments by conducting ad testing. As a result, we get ad copies that work best to convert the target audience.

Creating Landing Page and Gauging Return Vs Investment

We develop a tailored landing page that follows the user’s journey beyond the first click on display advertisements. After brief analysis, our monthly report offers you an insight on the performance of the ad campaigns and the areas that we have to focus on. Our SEM professionals are determined to boost your returns against your investments.

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