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We deliver ROI on social media for your business. It is not a guarantee. It is a promise.

Achieve the most innovative social media marketing suite

The very expression social media marketing has a peculiar kind of “dynamism” to it. It involves interacting, succeeding, and connecting with your viewers. If your business fails to effectively engage your audience on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms, you are surely losing out on a productive marketing avenue as well as a brilliant opportunity for client retention!

When people come across the term social media, their minds tend to head towards Facebook and Twitter, however, it is evident that there are several other platforms out there. Finding the right ones where you can effectively connect with your potential customers is the actual key.Digivinco’s social media service designedin a way that it kept you in total control of the social media messages across several preferred social media channels and based on comprehending your unique organizational objectives and challenges. Unlike everything else, one size seldom fits all and so our social media services putfocusclearly on what matters most to your business.

We put your business in a better position to easily tap into the two-way communication naturally taking place between you as well as your potential customers. Our services are cohesively designed to show you what and where people are talking about you, the areas with thescope of better customer involvement, and the strategies you can use to help upsurge brand awareness and revenue.With the help of ourcustom-built interactive strategies, competitive analysis, and social media audit, we teach you how to benefit from the social web and tactics to successfully drive visitors to your website.

At Digivinco, we knowthe formula to milk the mix! Our dedicated team of “socially inclined” consultants have marketing in their DNA. Therefore, they understand how your online advertising, SEO, media, PR, applications, website, all contribute to endlessreciprocal conversations between you and your social media followers.

With us, each of your social networkswill have its own unique “personality” and a completely different tactical approach for a company to be successful on it.
We have taken enough time to thoroughlyunderstand the content cravings and psychographics of each social network’s core user base.

…making it convenient to recognize what type of content is supposed to poston each social channel and when to postthe content to get the highest engagement

We are aware that not every social channel can be right for your business, and that isFINE! It is all about determining where your audience is spending their time and focus our marketing practices on those specific networks.

Our Social Media Marketing Plan is made of three critical components



Brand Awareness

It isusual for social media “specialists” to formulate generaltactics based on a random number of daily shares and posts. However, we beg to differ!

We dig into your ongoing social presence, data and analytics to help clarify all your requirements, identify new opportunities, and outline a measurable, specific plan for enduring social media success.

We optimize your brand message and content as per to the nuances of each social platform where you operate. Content develops trust. Trust develops companies.

We nurture, grow, and recognize leads that later convert into your paying customers using effective messaging and creative storytelling.

How our social team can help

Our social media chargesareentirely bespoke and are based on your current objectives and situation.

We will not take over your social accounts because we know that people wish to talk to you and not merely listen to continuous, one-way sales messages deliveredby your marketing agency. As a vital part of our social media marketing service we offer guidance and help with:

Our Range of Social Media Networks and channels Include

Building a robust presence on every primary social media platform will prove to be extremely beneficial for your company. The social media networks and channels we work on include:

Facebook Marketing Services

Up to 2016’s first quarter, Facebook had anenormous 1.65 billion monthly active users frequently operating the social networking application. As a reputable business owner, you can take full advantage of this passionately popular social networking site. With forward-thinking and immersive social media strategies including content curation and promotional contests relevant to your business, we can help you with all your Facebook activities.

Twitter Marketing Services

As one of the highly popular social channels, Twitter has become an amazing platform for various businesses to connect with perspective as well as current customers. With 74% of users more likely to purchase from a company they follow on Twitter, there can be no better time to gear up and get started!

YouTube Marketing Services

With more than 6 billion hours of videos watched each month, YouTube has gracefully cemented its status as the leading video sharing site throughout the world. Whether you have slideshows, how-to videos, or commercials, commercials, YouTube happens to be a prime real estate for getting the videos found.

LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is considered as the largest professional network in the whole wide world, and with more than 433 million users, you could easily assume thatit is a clever business decision to get yourself involved. Whether you areseeking to launch your brand and business as a thought pioneer in your industry or looking to hire competent candidates, we help you keep LinkedIn within your long-term social media marketing plan.

Google Plus Marketing Services

Created by the most popular search engine in the world, Google+ is consistently evolving and growing. This social network helps you to connect with the audience easily and can also be helpful in gaining valuable credibility viaseveral social signals and more.

Pinterest Marketing Services

Cheering more purchases compared to any other social media platform, Pinterest is fundamentally an online bulletin board that users use to “pin” or curate beautiful images of anything and everything. Pins drive higher revenue to all e-commerce stores compared to any other social sharing sites.

Dive in. Contacting us is easy!

Benefits and Impacts of Social Media Marketing Services

The key benefit of acquiring an active presence on popular social networking sites is the vastness of connectivity and reach with potential and active customers. However, some of the quantifiableadvantages of our Social Media Marketing Services include:

  • Enhanced Brand Recognition

  • Better Brand Loyalty that comes because of a personal touch with your customers directly while havingone to one interaction.

  • Various opportunities to convert current leads of clients and viewers to final sale since all social platforms act as a tool to promote word of mouth marketing.

  • Increased actual conversions of potential leads because of the active involvement of gentle and emotional touch in social media marketing which boosts the trust and credibility factor.

  • Steep reduction in total marketing costs as compared to various other modes of promotion and marketing.

  • Increase in inbound traffic onsite since people get aware of the company as well as its offerings. Higher the traffic better the conversions.

  • Relative upsurge in brand authority because of constant and regular interactive communication with the customers

  • Source of customer feedback and a trusted factor to make certain changes based on the feedback.

  • Improves Search Engine Rankings with several tags and listings. The ever-dynamic search engine classifications demand anobligatory active social media presence.

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