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Strategy & Consulting

Customized B2B SEO solutions that converts qualified leads and drive measurable results.


Even YOU don’t want to be sold by anyone, right? -Obviously…

So… Here is the game player to TURN ON your Business into a revenue generating chief.

But, How?…

In next few minutes, we are going to see the UNIQUE STRATEGIES and CONSULTING methodology to hike your niche. So.. For your business we use two magic spell to hike your business and they are..

  1. The Transparent Consulting
  2. Behind the Screen Secret Strategy

The Transparent Consulting

“What the hell is this Transparent Consulting?” You might sound like this… Let me show you with some examples.

When you are doing some business, the main idea is to sell your product. But, you wouldn’t have sold any of your service or your product in sometime. Why…?
The reason is you are not clear in how to pitch it with your targeted audience. That is why here in Digivinco we will be discussing a transparent consulting hours.

The client and our business expert will spend some time in sketching out the map on their business. Each and every key points will be in a motive to add value to your service or your product. The more your value, the more it can be sold…

The process of transparent consulting will add these few steps to hike your business…

  • Questionnaires
  • Your perspective
  • Prospectus’ perspective
  • A Road map to pull the audience
  • Strategy planning to your industry

Of course, there are a lot of other steps, but these are the preliminary ways to sketch your success. Lets dive into a detail analysis of Transparent Consulting.



The questionnaires segment will have an array of questions to know the exact purpose of your business and the overview of your targeted audience.

Let’s see the questions and the reason for asking such questions

  1. What is the exact meaning of your business’s name?
  2. The reason for choosing this name..
  3. How your service or your product can help your targeted audience?
  4. Describe yourself and your business in detail?
  5. What makes you stand out from the bunch of other competitors?
  6. Describe the efforts that you are giving for this industry?

And… these are the questions. You might wonder why these questions are asked. Let me show you how these questions work.

Question: a) “what is the exact meaning of your business’s name?”

Everyone come up with new ideas and creativity. Thus, based on their ideas and creativity, they name their business. So… without showing the meaning or the benefits behind your business, do you really think that your prospectus or your audience will buy your product / service?

The answer is HELL NO… Unless your show the exact benefits in what you do. That is why at Digivinco, we ask this question.

Now, question: b) “The reason for choosing this name…” There can be so many reasons to name your business with any name, but… there are very selective reason that are emotionally attached with name in certain business -that acts as the trigger to your business’s hike.

When we can sort of the exact reason it can by pitched with a perfect content and it will obviously reach the audience you are targeting. And, that is why we ask this question.

Similarly, each and every questions that are discussed in this transparent consulting time can clearly project YOUR VALUES, that can help to generate many leads from the prospectus.

A Road Map To Pull The Audience

So… here in this segment of consulting. Our Digivinco experts will show you the roadmap to pull the audience on the various segments of digital marketing.

Your Perspective

Every human beings in this universe have their own uniqueness, thoughts, and ideas. Sometimes, even a mother cannot understand the child’s view and the child cannot understand the mother’s perspective, although they are the same blood.

So, here at Digivinco.. We understand your perspective and the inner depth of your business. This can help us to study the psychological key behind your business and it will help you to unlock the doors.

Prospectus’ Perspective

Once, we have done with your perspective, our experts will analyse the client’s point of view because, they are going to consume the product. Once, the statistical analysis is done, we will pitch the prospectus in a psychological way that connects your business and the prospectus.

The exact convey of words can help the prospectus to understand on what you do..

And, that is where the deal will be closed.

Strategy Planning On Your Industry

Here in this strategy planning section, Digivinco with the experts will map out the perfect strategy for your business.

The transparency will help the audience to seek you. And there won’t be any necessity for YOU to seek the prospectus or the audience. Because, once you are transparent in what you do… it can drive the credibility in the midst of the audience.

The more the credibility, the more your leads will generate.

And, that is why we call this segment as Transparent Consulting..

Along with these consulting, the experts in Digivinco, will sort out the perfect strategy for your business. Some of leads will be driven from the funnel system, some may be driven from the pay per click system, and some may be driven from the S.E.O.

Lets see the behind the screen strategy to drive leads from the prospectus.

Behind The Screen Secret Strategy

There are plenty of strategies, that you can apply in your business. Let me list out some of the strategies..


  1. 50-50 strategy in one spot
  2. Influencer Outreach Strategy
  3. CE Strategy
  4. One Call Closing Strategy
  5. Marketing Strategy

So.. There are hundreds and hundreds of strategy. For Your Information (FYI), there are 160 types of marketing strategies. In that marketing section, digital marketing section holds about 83 types. The reason we specify here is to acknowledge you that we can workout the perfect strategy that can push your business “UP”.

Get all your WORK done here with our perfect strategies.

Our strategy includes, the digital marketing pitching (social media management) with S.E.O optimization to rank your network first on the Google page.

The SEO includes the On-page optimization, and Off-page optimization.

The On-page optimization includes:

  • Keyword researches
  • Inbound links
  • Outbound links
  • Optimizing the content with regards to the keywords for the search visibility
  • Web audit

The Off-page optimization includes:

  • Content marketing

The content marketings like, cold pitching, youtube channels, blogging, landing pages, etc..

  • Back link Optimization
  • Anchor Text Optimization

And.. with the other enormous strategies we play the game to succeed.

The digital marketing landscape is dynamic and ever-changing. The access to bigger and better opportunities never ceases and acquiring sales ready leads by engaging with the customer every step of the journey, is what helps you succeed and grow lifetime value. At Digivinco, we develop world class multi-channel B2B SEO solutions centered on latest strategies that accelerate conversions in the B2B space.

Our solutions come at extremely competitive prices and are designed to take your business to the front page, providing you with outstanding customer engagement and ROI. Whatever you are trying to achieve, Digivinco has the solution that is tailored just for you

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