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The changing trends of Digital Marketing

The digital age has altered how people advertise their business. It has changed the marketing landscape and made it into a level playing field. Now, even smaller businesses that don’t have a bottomless marketing budget can make themselves heard through digital marketing. It has also forced the businesses to tailor their strategies to focus on their target audience instead of barrage users with ads whether they want it or not. They need to stay focused and quick paced in this ever changing arena, if they wish to stay important. With the proliferation of smartphones, high speed internet and the explosion of social media user base, that user has the power what content he or she consumes making it absolutely critical to keep them engaged with the brand every step of the way.

Big Data

Present day digital marketing is data driven. Today’s marketing group comprises of researchers, developers and user experience specialists. This is because successful digital marketing comes from collecting huge amounts of data from all possible channels and analyzing them for user patterns and usage trends that help gain a comprehensive insight into the mind of the customer. This is turn helps develop highly successful marketing ad campaigns on social media and other channels, that are targeted, precise and speaks directly to the customer.

Marketing Ecosystem

The earlier notion of the stages of conversion of customer right from engagement to purchase represented by a funnel has been discarded for a new singular view of the customer over all their online offline interactions. This is because each user takes different paths to engage with the brand and make a purchasing decision. It also restricts the brands from creating intelligent cross channel campaigns that optimize engagement. In the age where the user chooses which brand to follow, a holistic approach is essential to drive conversions and improve customer interaction.

Mobile Technology

With access to smartphones becoming available for more and more sections of the population, and with business services being available at the touch of a button, reaching out to the users and enticing them to be part of your business through mobile application softwares has come to be of paramount importance. Therefore, digital marketing focused on smartphones and other mobile media help users to get acquainted with your brand and access it on the go.

Social Engagement

A brand can learn a lot from their online audience. Keeping in touch with your online user base can not only get you insights about their requirements, but also honest feedbacks and opinions. Social media platforms provide a great means to achieve exactly that. Nowadays, brands help drive customer engagement by creating activities where the followers are rewarded for writing, tweeting and sharing online media about the brand.

Global Outreach

The main advantage brands have with digital marketing as opposed to conventional marketing methods, is the ability to reach audience spread globally. No matter where the user is located, your business can still be in touch with them and provide location centric offers and benefits just as if they were in your own state or country. With digital technology, distance is no longer a factor.


We are living in a digital age where everyone and everything is connected. This has significantly changed marketing tactics and it is up to the brands to embrace this change and adapt to it. This change has caught many businesses off guard and they’ve not been able to strategize an effective digital marketing plan. But still, there is time to focus on content marketing, social media engagement and online media production to bring customer engagement and stay ahead of competition.



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