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Top 10 Digital Marketing ad campaigns

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

When 3 men diagnosed with degenerative ALS illness started a small social media push to spread awareness about the disease, they had no idea it would be a global viral sensation. From President Obama to Justin Bieber and Mark Zuckerberg, huge names from almost all industries, from high profile politicians to Hollywood mega stars, took part in this campaign. Overall 17 million videos were created viewed over 440 million times, and most importantly $220 million was generated thanks to the campaign.

Taco Bell

The Mexican chain restaurant Taco Bell was a little late in launching their mobile app for ordering products, and had a lot of catching up to do. It had a target of 2 million users and at midnight on October 28, 2014, Taco Bell switched off all its social media accounts off imposing a complete blackout. Each account simply read “The new way to Taco Bell isn’t on social media. #OnlyInThe App. “
The campaign had a whopping 2 billion impressions in 3 days and 3,00,000 downloads in the first 2 days. Overall it had 2.6 million app downloads.


Booking.com is travel website which wanted to inspire users with the benefit of spontaneous traveling. The summer months being the peak of spontaneous travel, booking.com wanted to show users how spontaneous travel enriched their lives. They used customer engagement and positive dialogue to drive a very successful campaign. With the hashtag #WingItYeah, they encourage customer to share pictures which they then animated and shared back. Overall the campaign had over 16 million views, reaching over 6.4 million people on Facebook alone.

Dallas Pets Alive

Dallas Pets Alive, a Texas based dog-shelter and adoption center came up with a campaign where they renamed shelter dogs after the most searched and trending topics of the time, right from Obamacare to Kim Kardashian’s Butt. This funny and amusing online campaign saw an increase of traffic by 98% to the website and helped them successfully increase pet adoption rates by almost 200%.

Shield 5 Instagram Film

Shield 5 is a scripted show series shown exclusively on Instagram, uploaded daily with 60 posts and counting. It consists of 15 second movie clips with an episode extending over a month, keeping users engaged by being first of its kind on Instagram. Its not an amateur piece of media either as its director was involved in big budget movies such as Pearl Harbor, Hot Fuzz, etc. Currently, it has 2,76,000 followers and 720 comments.

Be Together, Not the Same.

The tech giant and search provider Google set up an Ultra High Definition display billboard in Time Square, New York to promote its motto – Be Together, Not the Same. What’s unique was that it allowed users to use their android devices to play with characters on the screen which was like a large screen multiplayer game. Needless to say, people thoroughly enjoyed it, and even though it was a gargantuan effort for the engineers and technologists, it generated 9.8 billion impressions and reached 159 million users on social media.

Pantene China

In China, as a result of its one child policy, women face societal pressure to be perfect at everything. The Chinese wing of Pantene’s ad campaign centered around cards that were illustrated with thumb prints ad contained words of encouragement that people could pass on to the women they admired. Encouraging messages could also be shared on the Chinese social media platforms like QQ and We Chat. The campaign was very successful with the video being viewed 126 million times and around 10 million shares and likes.

Emily’s Oz

Ever wondered what a blind person sees when watching a movie?? The campaign ad shows how several Hollywood artists, set designers and puppeteers came together to get inside the mind of Emily, a seven year old fan of the movie Wizard of Oz , and what she experiences when watching her favorite movie. They then proceed make the characters exactly as she describes them, providing her with a very touching and immersive experience in the movie. The campaign was to promote the voice-guidance features of Comcast’s XFINITY and to emphasize how home entertainment differs for a blind person. The video garnered 500 million impressions and viewed 12 million times.

Netflix Socks

Netflix is TV streaming service which has a huge subscription base and fan following. Many subscribers were facing a particular “first world issue” which was that while binge watching their favorite TV show they’d fall asleep and miss their spot. After listening to the woes of their subscribers, Netflix came up with an innovative solution – The Netflix Smart Socks, which had inbuilt accelerometers that sensed when the wearer was asleep and paused the TV. Netflix also encouraged users to create their own knitting patterns for the socks. The campaign achieved a billion media impressions and averaged 1175 tweets a day.

#Like A Girl

The feminine care products maker P&G asked a group of girls, boys, men and women to perform a number of actions “like a girl”, showing the idea that doing something “like a girl” is often used as an insult or in derogatory terms. However, the young women in the video demonstrated how doing something “like a girl” could be encouraging and empowering. It was also supported by famous female influences like Melinda Gates and Elif Shafak. The video gained 76 million views and 4.7 impressions and is used now to teach female confidence in schools.



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