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Top Social Media campaigns of 2016

Lowes – FixinSix

The marketing team at Lowes successfully used time-limited videos to come up with interesting home improvement videos in just 6 seconds. It was a fun and clever method of engaging the public through Claymation.

Esurance Giveaway

Esurance had the biggest impact of advertisement during Super Bowl season this year. They did it with a contest which had a 1 million giveaway to a lucky winner and the only way to enroll was by retweeting Esurance tweets. Also, the lucky winner was contacted through facetime with their reaction being broadcasted to followers. It was an innovative campaign which themselves as well as included user participation.


Amnesty International wanted to highlighted the absurdity of homophobia and so they started the #GayTurtle where short videos of people interested in purchasing a turtle were compiled. The video showed several people who quickly bonded with a turtle but soon took a u-turn with their feeling when they learned that the turtle was gay. The message was very effective as some people’s responses with phrases like “Gimme a non-gay standard turtle” seemed right out of a Seth Rogan movie.

Love at First Taste

Knorr used the link between food and romance to come up with an interesting campaign that resonated with the personal life of the viewers. Participants in the ad were asked their favorite flavors and table of food was set up for participants who shared the same taste. They were then asked to feed each other. The ad highlighted that people fall in love with the food as well as the person behind it, making it an endearing and fun to watch advertisement.

#Ballotbreifcase on Snapchat

A B2B company named PwC wanted to cater to a younger audience as well as highlight their 82 year involvement in the Academy Awards Ceremony and so they came up with an interesting campaign called the #BallotBreifCase. The campaign showed the journey of the Oscar ballot briefcase racing around the country arriving at the ceremony on time. Celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris also joined the journey creating buzz and winning the company the “Shorty Award” for the best use of social media for marketing.


The world famous Make A Wish foundation joined with Disney for the “Share Your Ears” campaign to raise awareness where users where asked to upload creative photos of themselves posing with the Mickey Mouse’s ears. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts promised $5 for each social media post on twitter and instagram, a total being capped at $1 million. Share Your Ears became a worldwide trending topic and in the end Disney doubled their pledge to $2 million.

#EarthHour UK

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) teamed up with TINT and Exerion Media to launch and ambitious awareness project in the London Underground where its social media content tagged #EarthHour UK was displayed across LCD screens. Passengers were encouraged to declare their support and engage themselves in the topic of Earth Hour.



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