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Up and coming social media trends to look out for

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are releasing new fads every week and also improving upon old ones, taking the world by storm. Here are a few social media trends that are all the rage these days.

Live Video Streaming

Live video has replaced regular video as the hip new thing on the horizon. With streaming applications like Facebook live, periscope etc. it has become easier to connect directly with consumers and also put a face on a brand. Big brands and businesses have used live video for things such as behind the scenes sneak preview or a teaser for the products to be released. Other smaller brands can also live video for showcasing their work culture or host a Q&A with users. The big advantage of live video is that its not expected to be high quality so production cost is also low.

Social Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads have the added advantage that there are multiple screens to the ads and not just a single screen. This ability of the slideshow ad has made it popular in many social media platforms where he advertisers pay for these ads to be played after the algorithms search and find the target audience demographic. It can also display videos in the ads making it a means for users to interact with the brand in a memorable way.

Explosion of social media channels

Gone are the days social media marketing only revolved around a facebook or twitter page. New players such as snapchat, instagram etc has arrived and it has changed the landscape of marketing, making advertisers experiment and innovate with various techniques never before implemented. This is great news as not only do most of these techniques involve user interaction, it is also fun to watch various creative and interesting ad methods come to light.

Social Chat

900 million people user facebook messenger at present and whatsapp is one of the most ubiquitous chat platforms in the world. They are being used not only for internal communication but also for communication between businesses and users. There has been a shift in trend from broadcasting to communication and these communication platforms are being used more and more to connect with users in a more personalized manner.


Artificial intelligence is about embedding human smartness into machines. Social media as well as business websites are incorporating chatbots into their pages to give users a sense of communication with the brand. These automated bots offer flexibility is retrieving data and executing tasks. They are helpful in providing a much more enhanced user experience and customer service, as it simulates an intelligent conversation with a human being.

Social Media

Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertisement, better than any big budget ad can ever come up with. The emergence of social media platforms gives way for businesses to interact directly with users and create a loyal brand following who’ll spread the word effectively. It also breaks down geographic boundaries as it introduced your brand to people all around the world. So, social media marketing is not something to be ignored. Brands which identify their target audience on social media and engage those using contests, sharable content and media stand to gain the maximum out of their marketing efforts and lead to conversions ratio.

Expiring Social Media Content

Online marketing is essentially a competition between big brands with almost unlimited marketing budget and small companies but with tech savvy marketers. What results is a lot of noise and clutters which are competing with each other for user attention. A clean cut solution for the problem was expiring content. Platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat came up with the concept of 10 sec videos through which brands had an opportunity to market their product after which it was gone. This brought a sense of urgency to the table making companies and brands coming up with innovative ways to capture user attention.

Higher Impact

In the earlier days, getting a negative review didn’t have much impact as it was behind closed doors and not many people came to know if it. But with the advent of social media, a bad or negative remark can have multiplied impact as it is visible to everyone including all the other customer a brand might have. So, depending on what went wrong for the customer grievance, the impact of the mistake on the business can be huge.



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