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Why content marketing is Important for Your Business?

Most businesses understand the importance of content marketing. They are fully aware of the fact that providing great content will increase their sales. But more often than not, there is something missing fundamentally that holds them back from executing it as effectively as they could, which is that they only have a general idea of its working and not the minute details and its basics.

Content Marketing is the process of creating and sharing original content to build visibility and reputation of a brand, and it’s a very effective marketing tool primarily due to a single reason – “Influence”.

But how does content marketing influence people??

By providing relevant information that benefits people by helping them solve a problem or answer a question, without asking anything in return, you create value for your brand by piquing their interest. This in turn influences them to buy into your brand, thereby establishing stage 1 of your sales funnel. If you are not able influence people, you will have hard time standing out and getting people to do what you want them to do.

Marketing Evolution

In most businesses, the inside sales team is growing, while the field sales team is shrinking. This is because the days when you marketed your product by directly approaching customers or going for print, radio or TV advertisement are long gone. Now, brands have realized the implications of the web and various online channels, and have converted to content marketing to engage their audience and provide brand related messages through entertainment.

Following Prospects

When a user interacts with your company, he or she isn’t interested in your brand. They are interested only what your product or brand can do for them. This isn’t selfish. This is human behavior. It is important to understand that it’s not about you but your audience. When you provide content that is funny, interesting and thought provoking, people gravitate towards your brand and engage with you. However, it’s critical to choose the best channel that offers the most and looks the most promising. Out of social media platforms, third party website, blogs etc. choose the ones which help you interact with your customer base the most effectively. This will not only help you keep track of what your customers want but also help your customers keep themselves updated on your brand by consuming your fresh and relevant content, when and where they want.

Social Media

The usage of social media has skyrocketed in the recent years with a significant user base worldwide; having a strong social media channel will have powerful benefits for your business. Effective content marketing and engagement with your targeted audience on social media can not only maximize your exposure but will also generate valuable leads through sharing and subscribing. When you come up with something new, fresh and engaging that people can read, share and get a conversation running, you have the winning formula for healthy customer engagement and enhanced ROI.

Last but not least…

Content marketing is not about promoting your product but about building trust and adding value to the people who consume your content. Use attractive info-graphics to break down data, hire a good content writer to make fresh and to the point articles and if you do this long enough, your users will follow your brand, build a relationship and trust in what you have to say.



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