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Why Web Analytics is important for your business?

A strong online presence can be a good stepping stone for business growth and increased exposure. But what good is a fancy website with a lot of online activity without a solid and effective online strategy? This is where web analytics come in. But before we go further, let’s see what web analytics actually is.

What is Web Analytics?

Simply put, web analysis is the measurement, analysis and reporting on your website on the following key points:

Who visits your website

• How many visits have your website had
• Whether visitors are new or returning visitors.
• Demographic data such as country and area.

Customer Behavior

• Which webpage they landed and which did they exit.
• Which pages are the most popular
• How long visitors spent on your website

Campaign Data

• Which campaigns drove visitors to your website
• Keywords people used to find your website
• Domain that referred your site traffic.

Why is analytics important?

No matter what kind of business you’re running, analytics is important because it helps you determine whether you’ve hit your objective. It also can help you ensure continuous improvement in the user experience by providing insight on how to constantly tweak your web strategy for improved results. Let’s illustrate this with an example.

A common purchase from a jewelry website would follow the path:

Home page -> Product page -> Order detail screen -> Order summary screen -> Payment confirmation screen.

But if you notice that there’s a significant drop of visitors after the order detail screen, you can decide to merge the order details and order summary screens, thus reducing the number of screen to purchase.

Hence, analytics help you take educated and informed decisions for your site changes instead of changes based on hypotheticals and guess work.

Analytics are also extremely helpful in understand which promotion techniques work and which don’t. If you have recently activated paid search promotion, through web analytics you can gain a clear cut idea of the performance of the paid search like how much the traffic has increased, the characteristics of the visitors and whether they are likely to convert.

It has been proved beyond doubt that web analytics provide a large volume of actionable data which interpreted properly, can help in taking important key decisions which will affect the organic traffic to the website and your business ROI immensely.



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